T-Mobile starts a trade-in program for its customers

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Tmobile trade in

If you want to purchase a new smartphone these days on contract, chances are you’ll be out $200 before you can call the phone yours. Some people snatch up new phones all the time before their two-year contract is up, but that is a very expensive habit to keep up. To alleviate some of the cost, T-Mobile announced a retail trade-in program. As the name suggests, T-Mobile customers will be able to take their old phones to a T-Mobile store and get it appraised. The value of the phone can be used towards the purchase of a new phone.

T-Mobile said in a press release that new phones prices can be offset “by up to $300″ when trading in a phone. The trade-in phones don’t have to originate from T-Mobile either. T-Mobile is taking phones regardless of what carrier it was on.

In order for a phone to be eligible, it has to be in perfect working order. T-Mobile’s criteria for accepting a phone depends on whether it’s “fully functional, having an intact and working display, and being free of liquid damage or corrosion.”

Here’s how the whole process will work. When you take a phone into T-Mobile, someone will look at it and determine its value. After you get quote, you’ll have to mail the phone to The Wireless Source using packaging materials provided by T-Mobile. Once the phone is received by TWS, you’ll get a check in the mail.

As stated above, the exact value of the phone depends on a number of factors. However, T-Mobile’s trade-in site lists the HTC Evo as being worth up to $155, the Droid 2 is worth $110 and the iPhone 3GS 32GB is worth up to $170.00.

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