Google makes the Google Search iOS faster and easier to use

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Google Search iOS app

Two months after redesigning its Google Search app for iOS devices, Google is now updating it to make mobile search faster and easier to use. The updated app brings in new features based on those who liked the redesigned app and so the result is a better looking mobile search app with search results that are easier to read on the diminutive screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the large display of the iPad. Speed-wise, according to Google the updated Search app is 20% more responsive when you are typing search queries and interacting with the app. Google also turned off the “Just Talk” feature to improve the performance of the app. This feature in case you have not used it before lets you search via voice just by bringing your iPhone to your ear and speaking rather than tapping the microphone icon to conduct your search. This feature is turned on by default so Google has to turn it off. Additionally, Google has also made the font of search results bigger to make it easier to read on the small screen of iPhone and iPod Touch. The search result was also made as a tap target instead of just being links previously.

The new Google Search app for iOS devices is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Via [Google Mobile Blog]

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