McDonald’s isn’t bringing ordering terminals to the U.S., yet

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McDonalds Spain

A report from the Financial Times earlier this week revealed that McDonald’s restaurants in Europe will provide customers with an alternative ordering method. Instead of walking to the register and being forced to interact with a human being for 30 seconds, customers will have the option of using a touchscreen ordering terminal. These terminals are destined to appear in 7,000 McDonald’s restaurants across Europe. Is the United States in for a similar fate? That’s what we wanted to find out.

We asked the Director of U.S. Communications for McDonald’s, Danya Proud, if McDonald’s was considering bringing this technology stateside.

“While we have looked at this in the past, we are not currently testing this in the U.S,” Proud wrote in an email.

The big concern here is obviously jobs. It may not be glamorous, but a lot of people depend on jobs at McDonald’s to get by. By bringing in these terminals, jobs will almost definitely be lost. Most of the job positions McDonald’s has will probably remain safe. However, if only two positions were lost in each restaurant, that still means 14,000 people will be let go in the end.

McDonald’s may not be using the U.S. as a testing ground for these ordering terminals right now, but who knows what will change down the line.

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