PSN password reset site hacked

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Sony PlayStation

After the attacks on PlayStation Network, Sony required users to reset their passwords. Trouble is the page used for resetting your password has been hacked. There is some good news, however.

The good news is that Sony has taken down the password reset pages for now. While the pages were still up, hackers were able to reset passwords for anyone’s account by using information they obtained in the initial attacks. With just and email address and date of birth the hackers were able to reset your password, effectively locking you out of your own PSN or Qriosity account.

Fortunately, you don’t need to just wonder if your account’s password has been changed in this manner. If you get an email stating that your password was changed, and you know you didn’t do it, then you know you’re affected. That email should have a way to contact Sony to fix the problem. That should work, assuming it isn’t being inundated with requests.

Sony’s new security can’t come soon enough. Being worried about the safety of PSN accounts is getting tiresome.

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