Twitter makes third-party applications more transparent

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Twitter permissions Twitter rolled out an update today that is designed to restrict third-party applications from accessing direct messages, and help users make more informed decisions when deciding what applications they should link their Twitter accounts to.

From now on, whenever someone tries to grant permission to a third-party application that accesses Twitter, that application will have to list the things it will access from one’s account. If there is anything that a user feels uncomfortable with sharing, they can choose the “No, thanks” option on the Twitter permissions screen.

Also, apps that request access to direct messages will have to ask users a second time. This is designed to make the user fully aware that their most private Twitter interactions will be accessed by someone other than themselves. Twitter also promises states that by the end of May, “applications that do not need access to your direct messages will no longer have it, and you can continue to use these apps as usual.”

This seems like a win for Twitter users, but a potential hassle for developers.

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