Virgin Mobile announces new $20 per month mobile broadband plan

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 Virgin Mobile Ovation Virgin Mobile announced today a new addition to its mobile broadband offerings. Customers can now select a new prepaid plan for $20 a month. For that price, customers will get 500MB of data usage that will last a full month. Virgin Mobile will still offer a $10 plan worth 100MB for 10 days and a $50 monthly plan with unlimited 3G data speeds up to 2.5GB.

Virgin Mobile has three mobile broadband devices that could suit an individuals particular needs. There’s the MiFi 2200 ($124.99), the Ovation MC760 ($79.99) and the Peel 3200 ($99.99). With the exception of the Peel, which is used to provide a 3G connection for an iPod Touch, all plans are compatible with every device. The Ovation is a plug and play USB device and the MiFi 2200 is a mobile hotspot that can bring Wi-Fi access to five devices over a 3G network.

Walmart has a $20 prepaid option for Virgin devices that offers 1GB of data over the course of one month. That option has the clear advantage over the new 500MB plan.

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