Google Maps mobile site gets updated for browsers

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Google Maps

Remember when Twitter updated its mobile page so that it could behave more like a smartphone application? Well Google has done something similar for Google Maps. Instead of mimicking the Google Maps application for Android, Google has brought the Google Maps desktop experience to Android and iOS web browsers.

Visiting and agreeing to share your location with the site will open up a new interface that is very similar to what you’d see on a PC or Mac. You can choose what layers to show on the map, get directions, examine traffic details and get the best routes for your method of travel.

Even though Google Maps is running through a web browser, there’s no need to scroll around to see everything on screen. It is essentially a browser-integrated web application.

There’s no voice navigation or real-time GPS tracking in this new mobile version of Google Maps. That’s one thing the Android Google Maps application excels in. However, you’ll never how to worry about updating the web browser version.

Via [Google Mobile Blog]

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