iPhone 5 to have sexy curved glass edges? (rumor)

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There has been a lot of hushed talk about the iPhone 5 that many believe will launch in the fall or possibly not until next year. The latest rumor comes from Taiwan via DigiTimes, who cites multiple sources that Apple will take the glass that adorns the iPhone 4 front and back one step further: to the edges.

Apple is going to adopt a curved cover glass for its next generation model, according to industry sources.

If true, the rumor suggests Apple will move away from the metal-edged antenna design ala iPhone 4 or the glass could be used over the metal to provide a non-conductive, smooth surface to hold. The results could be great for reception, perhaps less great for the clumsy among us. The edges would seem to be the worst place for glass. Or the glass could just be curved on the touchscreen, much like the older generation iPod Nano.

DigiTimes says the glass cutting machines are being assembled and are waiting to be brought online when Apple is happy with it’s testing and fine tuning of the process. It would appear the design is not completed.

Read: [DigiTimes]

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