No movie rentals from Google Movies if you have a rooted device

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Android Market Movies

Google has found a new way to anger Android users who root their phones. It turns out that Google will not allow rooted Android devices to rent movies from Google Movies.

If rooted users try to rent the movies, they get a message saying they aren’t allowed to actually watch the movies “due to requirements related to copyright protection.” Apparently there’s a fear that rooted Android users will pirate their rented movies. Right now the problem only really affects Xoom users at the moment, but will become a larger issue once Google Movies comes to Froyo and Gingerbread (assuming it does).

I can see where Google and the movie industry’s fears come from in regards to piracy, but really, who’s going to pirate movies from their mobile devices? It’s hard enough to take a single screenshot on Android devices, let alone record the video and audio on the screen. Surely the rooting community will find a workaround eventually, they usually do. Until then, don’t root your device if you want to legally rent movies. “Open” systems have a real problem with media, it seems.

Via [Gizmodo]

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