Gear we use: Photo Transfer app – getting photos and video from iPhone to iPad

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The easiest way to get video and photos from iPhone to iPad: photo transfer app

If you liked iMovie on the iPhone, you’ll love if on the iPad. The only problem: how to get your photos and video from the iPhone to the iPad. Why Apple didn’t homebrew a solution into the iPad is beyond us but thankfully, the developers behind the Transfer app did.

Apple expects you to transfer movies via iTunes. Here in the real world, most of us don’t sync regularly so that solution just isn’t attractive. Another route is the iPad camera connector; allowing you to have a wired connection between iPhone and iPad. In searching for a solution, I found that to be OK, but shelling out $40 just wasn’t attractive.

That’s when I found the Transfer app. For $2.99 I downloaded the app to both my devices (users only pay once) and was ready to transfer over WiFi. The app is intuitive, simple and does the job very well.

Within seconds of downloading, I was transferring my raw videos from the iPhone to the iPad with no issue. To do this, simply open the app on both devices, select the photos or video to transfer and boom: it’s transferring. An bar indicates transfer progress. Bottom line: the whole thing works flawlessly for me.

Pictures and video can be transferred via WiFi or you can use Bluetooth for just photos. Currently video is not support via Bluetooth. Images and video can also be shared to a computer browser.

Seriously, for the effort saved in iTunes syncing and/or carting around the camera adapter, I’d be willing to pay much more than the $2.99 asking price. If you’re in a similar boat and want to get files from your smartphone to the iPad, this is a great option. Check the video below.

Product page: [PhotoTransferApp]

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