Amazon puts the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 up for pre-order

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Samsung Galaxy 4.0 The wait is almost over for the United States release of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0. In case you haven’t heard of it before, the Galaxy Player 4.0 is not another Android smartphone. It does run on Android 2.2, but it’s essentially a Wi-Fi device for media consumption like the iPod Touch. For as long as Android has been around, it’s hard to imagine why no other company has released a device quite like this before. Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 for $229.99. It will start shipping in three to six weeks.

The Galaxy Player 4.0 is priced to compete with iPod Touch. It’s slightly more expensive than the fourth generation 8GB iPod Touch, but cheaper than the 32GB version. The Galaxy Player 4.0 comes with 8GB of internal storage, but unlike the iPod Touch, Samsung’s device can hold a microSD card with up to 32GB of space. That extra space can be used to store music, photos, movies and apps.

What you’re getting here is an experience that is almost identical to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It has access to the Android Market, which could house some apps that allow you to make phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection. It’s definitely possible since I’ve done that with an iPod Touch. The Galaxy Player 4.0 has a 4-inch touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel rear camera and a VGA quality camera on the front.

There’s still no word on a release for the 5-inch Samsung Galaxy player.

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