New Windows Phone devices out with Mango in fall, new manufacturers in tow

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Windows Phone Mango

Windows Phone Mango is set to launch this fall, and it won’t just be coming to the current crop of devices. There are no new devices to announce at the moment, but we do know that new devices will debut alongside Mango, and will come from seven manufacturers. Four of which we’ve already known and three new manufacturers.

The four manufacturers we already know are Samsung, LG, HTC, and Nokia. The first three will launch new phones in the fall alongside Mango. Microsoft’s big partner Nokia will start shipping phones phones with Mango installed. It’s not clear if that means Nokia’s first Windows Phone will come alongside Mango, or if it will come some time after the release of the update. We can hope for a fall release for now, a new Nokia phone running Mango seems like a great way to launch the update. The improvements look great, and Nokia can make great hardware to show them off.

Windows Phone Mango will see three new manufacturers as well that should bring the OS to other markets. Those manufacturers are Acer, Fujitsu, and ZTE. They may not be the most popular OEMs for Americans, but these three could certainly drive adoption in other countries. Group them with Nokia, and Microsoft has a pretty good set of handset makers to take on non-US markets. Maybe we’ll see devices from Acer in the US, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if we don’t see much from any of these OEMs stateside.

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