Opera Mini 6 for iOS finally supports iPad, Retina Display

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Opera Mini 6 for iOS

In April 2010 Opera Mini 5 was launched for iOS with support for iPhone and iPod touch and saw 1 million downloads in 24 hours. Today Opera Mini 6 is launched for iOS with support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display, and the iPad (both 1 and 2). The new version of the mobile browser is just like the version available for other platforms, but this one supports tablets.

Along with support for the Retina Display and iPad Opera Mini 6 brings a few improvements. The browser has improved panning and zooming, both of which are faster, though not as fast as Safari. Pages do seem to load a bit faster than Safari, though, thanks to Opera’s compression. The browser now also has the option to share pages through Facebook, Twitter, My Opera, or vKontakte. Similar features have been in place in Skyfire, but this is in a free browser. The last big update Opera lists is the new skin on the browser and the better designed menus.

The browser certainly works well, and it great if you have a slow connection, or if you really hate Safari for some reason. The new skin looks pretty good, though some aspects like the menu options look far too much like an Android app for my liking. Otherwise, it’s a good browser that finally supports the latest iOS devices. Plus, it’s free. What more could you ask for?

Via [Opera] and [iTunes]

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