Bobsled returns to Facebook with a whole new look

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T-Mobile Bobsled Following last week’s Dow Jones report, T-Mobile has re-released Bobsled on Facebook today. Bobsled was taken off of Facebook nearly a week after it launched because it could have been mistaken for a feature created by Facebook. Bobsled used to be accessed from the chat list on Facebook by clicking a green phone icon next to a friend’s name. The new Bobsled is clearly a third-party application. T-Mobile also places a disclaimer on the Bobsled website that says,”The Bobsled for Facebook application is not developed or endorsed by Facebook.”

Instead of placing itself inside the Facebook’s chat box, Bobsled can now be found on Facebook’s left hand side where all the other application shortcuts reside. Clicking on Bobsled will take you to the application on another page. Your friend’s list is placed within Bobsled, and voice calls are placed from that page.

Bobsled applications for Android and iOS are coming soon.

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