Yahoo prepping up a faster and more socially integrated Yahoo! Mail

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faster Yahoo Mail

Much as I don’t want to say it, Yahoo’s remaining service to me and perhaps for most people too is now reduced to Yahoo! Mail. Yes, I still maintain my Yahoo Mail account as a secondary webmail service, Gmail being my primary work email. And to think that I had my Yahoo Mail longer than I had my Gmail. So, it’s a good thing that Yahoo still maintains its web mail service, despite the odds and ends experience by the company. Yahoo Mail together with Yahoo Messenger continue to hold on to dear life and in fact Yahoo Mail is about to be given a breathe of fresh air as Yahoo is preparing to introduce some new features to the service – with the hope of getting back loyal users who’ve switched to Gmail and attracting possibly new userbase.

The Yahoo Mail update which is about to happen in the coming days will bring in redesigned email format which Yahoo has been testing for seven months now. Yahoo Mail’s current users will be gradually switched to the new format in the coming weeks. Foremost among the changes that the update will bring will enable us to have our Facebook and Twitter updates posted within our Yahoo Mail inboxes. The update will also make the total Yahoo Mail experience, faster and will have the functionality to send large attachments – as large as 100MB. Plus some other enhancements such as better control for junk mail (finally!) and a facility to let us chat with friends and family by logging in with our Facebook accounts.

So there. Hopefully those changes to Yahoo Mail will get you a bit excited and deter you from switching to Gmail.

Via [Techland]

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