Will iPad get iOS 5?

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Earlier today we posted on the rumor that Apple’s iPhone 3Gs likely won’t get the next OS update to iOS5. This seems to be classic Apple behavior in efforts to move the flock to your latest hardware. But what about the original iPad, will it run iOS5?

The consensus in the tech media seems to be that we’ll see iOS 5 and likely a new iPhone in the fall of this year. Rumors persist that a new iPad will drop at this time as well, a beefed up iPad 2 perhaps. That would put the original iPad 2 model years back and that is typically where Apple’s OS cutoff lies. It’s possible that original iPad owners who’ve not upgrade to iPad 2 or the mythical iPad 2.5 won’t get all the benefits sure to be in iOS 5.

It is expected that iPhone 4 will get the iOS 5 upgrade and one would expect iPad 2 to receive it as well, so current generation hardware owners can breath a sigh of relief. But older generations? Maybe not.

What’s your take? Will the original iPad get the upgrade?

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