Still waiting for your Google Music Beta invite? You may want to check your inbox.

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While we have seen the I/O attendees and the Xoom users get access to Music Beta fairly quickly, we also had another round of invitations that we watched get sent out a short while back. Fortunately we were included in that group, but for those who may have been overlooked, you may want to check your inbox because from what we have been told — Google has sent out another round of Music Beta invitations. And coming from the account I received I can tell you two things, Google and FiOS made quick work of my nearly 14,000 tracks and I have way more DRM filled tracks than I care to admit from the early iTunes days that did not/can not upload. That and, while I will say that I am not sure how often I will use my Music Beta account because I am fairly attached to Slacker, I really like the setup.

Via [Music Beta by Google] and [Phandroid]

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