New York Times offering ZAGGmate Keyboard Case with digital subscription

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New York Time ZAGGmate Keyboard Case

The New York Times has a new way to convince you to buy a 12 week full digital subscription: by throwing in a ZAGGmate Keyboard Case for your iPad. From now until June 30, buying a 12 week All Digital Access to the Times will also give you the ZAGG iPad case and Bluetooth keyboard.

The subscription and keyboard combination will cost you a total of $105, so it’s not exactly cheap. However, buying the two items individually would run you a total of $205. So, you’re essentially getting one of the items for free, or both half off, depending on how you want to look at these things. To show your support for the newspaper, the ZAGGmate case you receive will be black, and bear the New York Times logo on the front. The design actually looks pretty nice, if you’re willing to advertise for the New York Times.

The ZAGGmate Keyboard Case will support both the iPad 1 and 2, so anyone with the iOS tablet can buy the bundle without fear. I wasn’t too impressed by the case when I came across it at CES a few months back, but it’s not bad for free. Plus, it protects your iPad’s screen, which is always helpful, even if the keyboard leaves a bit to be desired.

Read [New York Times] Via [AppAdvice]

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