Amazon changes Kindle estimated battery to meet the new Nook

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Amazon Kindle Battery life changes

It looks like Barnes & Noble spurred Amazon to do more than offer a Kindle 3G with Special Offers, B&N actually made Amazon change it’s math. Amazon has changed the estimated battery life on the Kindle to match Barnes & Noble’s Simple Touch Reader by using the same math.

When the newest Kindle launched Amazon claimed that the eReader could get up to one month of battery life. That estimate came from reading for one hour every day with all radios turned off. Now Amazon claims double the life by cutting the time in half. Just like Barnes & Noble’s new Nook, the Amazon Kindle is now listed as having an estimated battery life of two months assuming you read for 30 minutes everyday with all radios turned off. The math makes sense, but honestly, who reads for just 30 minutes everyday? Maybe that would be the average, but for many reading comes in spurts with long sessions some days and other days without the time to read.

No matter how unrealistic that math might be, Barnes & Noble doesn’t seem happy about it. The company responded by saying that it tested the new Nook against the Kindle by continuously refreshing pages on both, and the Nook beat the Kindle handily. According to a statement given to CNET from Jamie Iannone, President of Barnes & Noble Digital Products, the Nook can last 150 hours when reading one page a minute, while the Kindle can only last 56 hours in the same test.

The moral of the story? Don’t believe the estimated battery life on either eReader. Buy the eReader you want based on it’s experience and the eBook selection. Battery life shouldn’t be the biggest factor in your purchase. When’s the last time you read for 56+ hours straight without being near an outlet of some sort?

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