New Google mobile homepage discovered on accident

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Google mobile site

Google recently redesigned the mobile web version of Google Maps so that it could mimic the desktop version more closely. It’s a nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to use the Google Maps app, or in the case of iOS devices, don’t have access to the app. Google doesn’t appear to be stopping there because someone may have accidently stumbled upon an entirely new Google homepage for mobile devices.

An iPhone user sent screenshots to Phone Arena of a Google homepage we haven’t seen before. The user claims that after viewing the page for a while, it reverted back to normal. The changes are more than cosmetic.

The changes seem to optimize the desktop version of Google’s homepage for mobile devices. The words “Images”, “Places”, and “News” on the mobile page have been replaced by colorful icons. It’s a nice touch, but there’s more.

There’s another option on the page called “Apps.” When touched, this page showcases some popular Google applications such as YouTube, Google Maps and Google Talk in a manner that is similar to the Android menu. On the surface it appears that Google intends to make its services easier to access from the browser.

Nothing has been made official yet, but we’ll let you know if these changes are to become permanent.

Via [Phone Arena]

Image Credit: Phone Arena

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