Asus Padfone unveiled, promo video released

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Asus Padfone

Finally, the moment that everyone had been waiting for since Asus started teasing us on their Facebook page about a new product that will both be a phone and a tablet. Staying true to its teaser, the new Asus product which is now officially called – the Padfone is about to break the rules. Specifically the rule that a tablet and a phone should not be together. By together we mean physically. But then, Asus just broke that unspoken rule and introduced – the Padfone.

So what are we looking at here? According to Asus, the Padfone is simply the convergence of the smartphone and tablet. The Padfone is composed of a regular tablet and smartphone the docks inside it. Now, once the phone is docked inside the tablet, it doubles up as a charger as well. And since the phone is loaded with a 3G SIM, the tablet can then use this for Internet connectivity. Sounds like a pretty cool device to have, right?

Gathering what Asus has shared with the folks at Computex 2011, the Padfone’s tablet part sports a 10.1-inch display while the phone part sports a 4.3-inch display. Both devices will run Android OS but as to what version, we still don’t know yet. Another cool thing about the Padfone is that all of the data stored on the smartphone is accessible on the tablet’s display. Of course, the interface will be tweaked and enhanced to fit the larger display of the tablet part. Other specs and details of the Padfone is yet to be announced But for now, watch the video below to see how cool the Padfone could possibly be.

Via [BGR]

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