3D HDMI cable gives your videos depth without breaking the bank

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snakebyte HDMI

Snakebyte is known for creating gaming peripherals such as controllers and headsets for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. At E3 2011 next month, snakebyte will debut a new kind of HDMI cable that is infused with Darbee Visual Presence technology. This technology is said to convert 2D images into 3D images.

The new 3D images don’t require a new 3D TV or 3D glasses to view. Snakebyte’s press release makes sense of this technology in very fancy words. The HDMI cable “utilizes the neurological and biological principles that underlie human vision to add a three-dimensional component to two-dimensional images.”

That basically means the HDMI cable gives images more depth that what human eyes are accustomed to.

Snakebyte says the video resolution of the converted images will be 1080p HD at 60Hz. The cable can also be used with various devices such as game consoles, DVD players and computers.

No price or release date has been set for the snakebyte 3D HDMI cable. When it does release, snakebyte will make it available around the world.

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