Samsung to introduce 4G LTE version of Galaxy Tab later this year

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It looks like Samsung’s J.K. Shin wants you to look at the bigger picture before purchasing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 8.9. I respect his honesty and willingness to share with the public his plans for the Galaxy Tab, but doing so will probably hurt the impending launch of the Galaxy Tab devices. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung plans to introduce the 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab sometime later this year. While some customers may not be inclined to have to keep waiting for a 4G device, because 4G isn’t a major factor, some may patiently wait until it launches.

In addition, Shin mentioned that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II will also be released sometime in the first half of 2012, and while that may be months away, it’s worth keeping in the back of your mind that Samsung is cooking up another smartphone in the Galaxy S III.

Read [WSJ] Via [BGR]

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