T-Mobile began offering new Monthly4G plans on May 22nd, decided to announce them today

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T-Mobile 4G plans

Wait, what is this? T-Mobile announcing that it has started offering two new monthly 4G plans on May 22 but officially announcing them it only now? Today happens to be the 31st of May in case the T-Mobile folks were not aware of their calendar. But anyway, the two new Monthly4G plans being offered start at $50 per month, that goes with no annual contract. And for that price you’ll enjoy unlimited Talk, unlimited Text and unlimited web service with the first 100MB, on your smartphone, be it an Android phone, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. That web service is of course at 4G speeds. You can also opt to get the $70 monthly plan that comes with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited web with the first 5GB of data at 4G speeds. Incidentally, the 4G speeds for web service is good only until you’ve consumed the data allowance. From thereon, web surfing speed will be slowed down for the remainder of the month. So, there – in case you’re interested in getting the feel of how it is to surf the web, post updates on your Facebook Wall or post a tweet at lightning speed, you might want to check out these T-Mobile offerings.

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