Angry Birds (and other casual games) will be coming to Roku set-top boxes this summer

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While the Roku set-top boxes offer a wide variety of entertainment sources, they are perhaps best known for their Netflix support. Or at least that is where they started out a few years back. And well, like many other platforms these days — the Roku is going to be entering the casual game market soon enough. According to the details, Roku will begin making games available as of this summer and they will begin with — you guessed it — Angry Birds. As of now there has not been any other games mentioned as coming, however it was noted that the upcoming Angry Birds channel will feature animated shorts as well as the ability to purchase Angry Birds merchandise. Plus, the games, which are said to include the original as well as the Seasons and Rio edition. That being said, we look forward to seeing how well Angry Birds (or any other game) will play on the basic Roku remotes that currently ship with the set-top boxes.

Via [GigaOm]

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