Danger Sidekick servers have been shut down

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Danger Sidekick Servers shutdown

Yesterday, after many years, the Danger Sidekick servers were shut down for good. That’s right, the servers that powered one of the first great messaging phones are now gone.

The Danger Sidekick servers were used to store the contact information and other data for users because the devices themselves didn’t have much memory to speak of. If you are still using a Sidekick, you can still export your data using If your data isn’t backed up, down let the phone lose a charge, or else all of your data will be lost forever.

The original Sidekick may nto be all that great now, but it was great at the time. It’s sad to see the service go offline, but now we have an Android-powered Sidekick to carry on the name with a more powerful OS and a better overall experience. It will even keep all of your data in storage and not memory, so there’s never any fear of losing your data because of a loss of charge in the phone.

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