Apple finally fixes notifications in iOS 5

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Apple iOS 5 Notification Center

Notifications in the current iteration iOS are broken. In iOS 5 Apple seems to have finally fixed them, however. Gone are the annoying popups and badges that don’t tell you anything. Now you get simple, unobtrusive alerts anywhere in the OS, and on the lockscreen.

In iOS 5 instead of the annoying popup notifications that distract you from what you’re doing, you now get a small bar at the top of the screen. That bar looks very similar to MobileNotifier that’s been available to Jailbreakers for some time now. It will show you an icon of the app that’s giving the notification and a brief preview of the message. You can choose to either ignore the message or tap it to act upon it.

If you ignore the message you can access it via the new Notification Center. To access Notification Center you can either swipe down from the top of the screen just like Android, or you can open the app icon. The Notication Center will store all of your notifications from all your apps, and even provide quick access to Stocks and Weather should you want them to show up there. If it sounds like something you’ve seen in Android, you’re not alone, but this being Apple it’ll hopefully be an even better experience. Even if it isn’t, Notification Center is certainly a huge step up for iOS.

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