i’m Watch runs Android for use with iPhone

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i'm Watch combines Android with iPhone to make a smart watch

Add this watch to my list of wants. Here’s what appears to be a stylish, multifunction watch with a smartphone OS and SDK to allow it to be even more. This thing runs Android and is compatible with smartphones including Apple’s iPhone.

After pairing with your smartphone, the i’m Watch becomes a mobile assistant to your phone. Without touching your phone, you can see who called, check email, notifications, initiate calls (even has speaker phone) and more. It’s an impressive list made possible with the Android OS the thing is running.

Watch aficionado John Biggs of CrunchGear says the watch is either garbage or ridiculous frippery. I disagree. I think this could be an interesting option.

Have you ever missed calls when your phone was set to vibrate? I sure have. Having a watch on your wrist that vibrates would all but solve that issue for me. Adding in a touch screen and the potential to work with my other apps is just icing on the cake. (Waiting to hear back if in fact, the I’m Watch does vibrate – it must, right?)

Why shouldn’t everything you own be smart? Google’s free Android OS seems like a smart way to do this. We’ve requested a review and we’ll let you know if we get selected.

Coming this fall at $365 for what appears to be plastic color version and $879 in titanium (at today’s conversion rates).

Site: [i’m Watch]

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