Steve Jobs presenting plans for a new Apple campus in Cupertino [Video]

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Proposed Apple Campus addition

On Monday Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC for a trio of announcements. The following day a much more humble Jobs gave a much different presentation to the Cupertino City Council. The presentation was about a new Apple campus, just down the road from 1 Infinite Loop.

The new Apple campus would actually be mostly just one building, the somewhat blurry building you see above. Steve Jobs describes it as something like a spaceship that has landed. The building would hold 12,000 employees in a large, circular building that’s just four stories tall. The main building and a few smaller structures (including an auditorium, testing facilities, generators, and a small parking structure would only take up 20 percent of the land, with the other 80 percent being landscape. Most of the parking would actually be underground.

An intriguing fact is that the land once belonged to HP which sold the land to Apple a few years ago. The story behind it and Steve’s relationship to the property is a fairly interesting story involving an summer job Steve held at HP on the property. As Steve points out in the video, Apple could move to Mountain View, but Steve doesn’t want to leave Cupertino. Instead, he wants to put to work all the knowledge the company attained building retail stores and put them into building this circular structure. Steve claims that architect students would take trips out just to see the building, though I’d imagine a fair amount of non-architects would take the trip to see the building.

The building should be up by 2015, according to Steve. If all goes according to Steve’s plan Apple fans can expect to feel a yearning to visit yet another landmark in the next few years.

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