Google rolls out Chrome 12; takes away Google Gears, brings new safe browsing protection & more

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Google rolls out Chrome 12

It looks like Google has rolled out the latest up in terms of the Chrome browser, which has gone up to version 12, or more specifically to version 12.0.742.91. In terms of changes, those include some new features and some improved features as well as a new warning for Mac users and the removal of Google Gears. As to the warning for Mac users, this one comes in the form of a “new warning when hitting Command-Q.” Otherwise, the rest of the changelog reads as follows;

  • Hardware accelerated 3D CSS
  • New Safe Browsing protection against downloading malicious files
  • Ability to delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome
  • Launch Apps by name from the Omnibox
  • Integrated Sync into new settings pages
  • Improved screen reader support

And the nice part with this update — current Chrome users can just expect it to happen.

Via [Google Chrome Releases]

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