Evernote Peek: an iPad 2 Smart Cover app to help you study

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Evernote Peek

Evernote today has become to first app developer to create an app specifically around the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The app, Evernote Peek is a study tool that taks advantage of the instant-on feature of the Smart Cover as well as the segmentation of the cover itself.

Evernote Peek is actually a fairly simpel idea. You open the app, close the Smart Cover, and lift up jus the first section to be asked a question. When you have the answer, or think you have the answer, you lift up the Smart Cover the rest of the way to see if you were correct, and tap either “correct” of “incorrect” to keep track. You then close the Smart Cover and start the process over again with a different question. It’s all pretty ingenious, actually.

For the questions you can either use notebooks provided by Evernote and StudyBlue, or you can use your own notebooks. If you use your own, the title becomes the question or hint, while the body of the note becomes the answer. Sounds like a great tool for anybody who’se still in school, or who wants to quiz themselves on information for any other reason. It could easily be a great tool for college study groups (assuming they all have iPad 2s with Smart Covers) where each can create quizzes to be shared among the group.

You can grab the app from the App Store right now.

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