Microsoft adds new SkyDrive features to Windows Phone Mango

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Mango SkyDrive

Not to be outdone by Apple and it’s iCloud announcement on Monday, Microsoft has announced soe new SkyDrive features that are coming to Windows Phone Mango. Some similar features were already in Windows Phone 7, just as some were already in Apple’s MobileMe, but Mango will have some features to more directly compare to iCloud.

Of the new feature, the ability to auto-upload all of your photos to SkyDrive sounds potentially the most useful. All your albums on SkyDrive will also be viewable right form your phone. The albums will be accessible from anywhere, including messaging so you can send an MMS of any photo you have on SkyDrive. Sounds fairly similar to PhotoStream in iCloud. If you want your videos, you have to manually upload them to SkyDrive, but it will only take one click. Presumably that is to keep the data usage down.

The other big feature is the ability to see all your documents in SkyDrive from office or OneNote on your Windows Phone Mango device. You’ll also be able to view all the documents that others have shared with you. Just like in iCloud, if you change a document that’s on SkyDrive, the update will be automatically pushed to the service so your SkyDrive always has the latest version of the file.

Via [Mobiputing]

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