Facebook photo scanning rolling out, participation is optional

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Facebook face scanning Facebook started implementing a new tagging feature last year that automatically scans photographs while suggesting the names of people who may be in the picture. Over the next few weeks, Facebook will enable this feature to all of its U.S. users. Facebook will continue rolling out this feature until it has reached users all over the world.

This new photo tagging method has left some people feeling uneasy. The fact that Facebook didn’t properly notify its users of this upcoming change more efficiently has led many to believe Facebook is once again pushing the boundaries of online privacy.

Anyone can opt out of this photo tagging feature at will. Your face will still be scanned mind you, but Facebook will not automatically display your name in those photos. To disable this feature, perform the following steps on Facebook.

  1. Click on Account
  2. Click on Privacy Settings
  3. Click on Customize Settings
  4. Click on Suggest photos of me to friends
  5. Change enabled to disable

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