Evernote, now with 10 million users

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Evernote users

Three years after it was launched into open beta, top productivity app, Evernote has just gained 10 million users. Yes folks, that’s a big number for such a service to gain in three years. It’s a good thing that Evernote is available in various platforms as that gives the application more exposure. What’s interesting here is the fact that majority of Evernote users are using the app not just on one platform but on multiple platforms for smartphones and desktops. Evernote is available for various smartphone platforms as well as Mac, Windows and even on the web. And since registered accounts are flawlessly synched across these platforms, it’s not surprising that Evernote gained such a following. The cross platform feature is definitely a major contributing factor to this. As mentioned, Evernote users make use of the productivity app on various platforms. Evernote’s own statistics indicated that 46% of users have used Evernote on at least two platforms. The number of users who use Evernote on five platforms was registered at around 4%. In short, Evernote has proven itself as a really useful app well loved by many users. So, what’s next after this? More new features?

Via [Evernote Blog]

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