Buy a Motorola Xoom, get a free wireless keyboard

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Motorola Xoom with free keyboard

In order to sweeten the deal of purchasing a Xoom tablet, Motorola is tossing in a free wireless keyboard valued at $69.99 with every purchase between June 7 and June 14. Whether you opt in purchasing the WiFi only Xoom, the WiFi + 3G Xoom with a Verizon Wireless contract, or the 3G model off contract, you will still be eligible for the wireless keyboard. With the many Android tablets currently available in the market, Motorola is hoping that the addition of a wireless keyboard, which would definitely add to your typing ability on the tablet, will help make your decision of purchasing the Xoom a little bit easier. To receive the free wireless keyboard, you must add it to your shopping cart first and then the price will be discounted appropriately.

Via [Motorola]

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