New Facebook feature rolls out updates in real-time

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Happening Now

Facebook is testing a new feature on a small percentage of its users that isn’t nearly as intrusive as photo scanning. It’s called “Happening Now”, and it can be found on the right-hand side of the Facebook News Feed. Happening Now is designed to give users real-time updates on their friend’s activities.

According to a Facebook statement sent to The Next Web, Happening Now lets users know what their friends are “liking” and commenting on as soon as they happen. Facebook may or may not make this feature permanent. It has to conduct some tests before any final decision is made.

The need for such a feature is questionable. The News Feed is already a source for a lot of information. Adding another News Feed on the same page could be seen as an information overload. Happening Now could be used to only display information that isn’t in the News Feed already.

I suppose if users could customize what information is displayed in Happening Now such as link posts or check-ins, this feature could be convenient. It would be even more convenient if we could choose whose information we see in Happening Now.

Via [The Next Web]

Image Credit: The Next Web

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