InstaPhoto: Instagram for the BlackBerry PlayBook without the social network

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InstaPhoto for BlackBerry PlayBook

Still looking for some interesting apps for your BlackBerry PlayBook? Do you really like the look of photos on Instagram? Well, you’re in luck with InstaPhoto, a new app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that fills both of those needs.

InstaPhoto is a photo sharing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. With it you can take photos, and add filters similar to those you’d find on Instagram, and some others that you might find in other apps. Unlike Instagram, InstaPhoto lacks an built-in social network. Instead you can share the photos through Twitter or Facebook (which, of course, Instagram already does). One feature that it has over Instagram is that the filters work instantly, which could be because of the faster CPU in the PlayBook itself. Still, faster filters are definitely nice to have.

Maybe it is a bit unfair to compare this app to Instagram. It is definitely less useful largely because the device it’s on only works on WiFi, and all it can do is take photos and share them on other social networks. Some of the filters like Mug Shot, Retro Poster, and HUD are things you wouldn’t expect in Instagram, either. Unfortunately the developers chose a name that brings instant comparison, and some might be disappointed.

If the app sounds good to you, you can buy it right now in App World. It is currently priced at $2.99.

Read [App World] via [CrackBerry]

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