Samsung Conquer 4G rumored to launch under Sprint as a mid-range smartphone

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Samsung Conquer 4G

In case you’re looking for a smartphone on Sprint that is cheaper than the Google Nexus S 4G or the HTC EVO 3D, but still retains 4G cellular speeds, then you should be happy to know that Samsung is reportedly working on a mid-range Android 2.3 smartphone known as the Conquer 4G. The Samsung SPH-D600, aka the Conquer 4G, features a QWERTY slider keyboard, 1GHz processor, a front facing camera, a 3.1MP rear facing camera, and an unknown sized HVGA touch screen display. Apparently, the Conquer is billed as a low-end Samsung Epic 4G. The pricing is rumored to be between $50-$100 on contract, and it is said to launch on July 24. Personally, if the Conquer can launch for $50, I believe it will be a hit with teenagers and older adults looking for a cheaper smartphone option that features a slider QWERTY keyboard as well as 4G connectivity.

Via [Pocketnow]

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