SugarSync now lets you send files from the cloud to specific devices

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SugarSync, the cloud storage service that we’ve reported on before, is currently rolling out a new feature called Mobile Device Management. This feature will allow SugarSync users to to control the content that is pushed to their various devices that also use SugarSync.

Mobile Device Management is only available for iOS devices, but Android and BlackBerry support is coming soon. Mobile Device Management can be accessed on the left hand panel from SugarSync’s website. Under the “My Devices” section, you’ll see every iOS device you currently use SugarSync with. It’s here where you’re able to choose individual files to sync to a single device.

For example, let’s say you have an iPod Touch and an iPad loaded with the SugarSync application. You have a lot of photos that you want to sync to your iPod Touch, but you don’t want them to sync to your iPad. You can use the SugarSync website to send those files only to the iPod Touch.

Once the files have been sent, a notification will appear on the iPod Touch. Opening the SugarSync application will allow you sync the files, which will then be available to view both online and offline.

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