Vizio Tablet sign shows up at Walmart with $349 price tag

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Vizio Tablet Walmrt pice tag
Remember the Vizio Tablet that was shown off at CES back in January? Well it looks like it’s just about ready to come to market. There was the visit the FCC a few days ago, and now there’s some sign for the tablet up at Walmart.

The picture you see above comes from a Walmart in Indiana. As you can see, that tablet is priced at $349, which seems like a great price for an 8-inch tablet. It’s just the WiFi version, but it will have the VIA apps to interact with your Vizio HDTV. Outside of that, there doesn’t look to be much difference between the Vizio Tablet and, say, the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab (aside from the extra ince of screen, of course). The tablet isn’t along at Walmart, either. This Is My Next also has images of Belkin screen protectors and lint-free cloths for the tablet.

If the appearance at Walmart isn’t enough to convince you that the Vizio Tablet is almost here, there’s also a video from NBA player Blake Griffin. Griffin had his house outfitted with Vizio equipment, and recorded a video of a Vizio rep showing him the tablet that the company is just “getting ready to introduce.” From the video is looks like the tablet is still running on Froyo, if not Gingerbread, something that definitely isn’t Honeycomb. The only demonstration we get is how to turn off the TV using the tablet, but it’s better than nothing, right?

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