iOS5 widgets hacked!

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iOS5 widgets hacked

It’s almost comical how Apple works to jump out in front of jailbreakers with new features, only to have those new features made even better with jailbreaking. Such is the case with the new widgets baked into iOS5. The jailbreakers have made it even better and are doing so at a very rapid pace.

The idea of a pull down notification drawer certainly isn’t new. Placing updating widgets in the drawer isn’t new either, but Apple made it look pretty sharp. Today, jailbreakers are putting even more helpful things in the drawer.

Things like toggle buttons for phone settings (one slide and a click to turn WiFi on and off? Hallelujah!), music center settings and even multitasking events can be shown up there. Not content yet? Developers are also working to theme the notifications drawer bringing Apple’s distinctive transparent backgrounds instead of the stock linen that seems to cover all things new lately.

It will be interesting to see if Apple responds to these additions with notification center changes by the time we get to launch. Launch seems so far away.

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