Walmart begins selling VUDU digital movie cards

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VUDU card

In 2010, Walmart knew that digital movie purchases could have some negative effects on its physical DVD and Blu-ray sales. Therefore Walmart bought VUDU, a company that specializes in streaming movies and television shows with no monthly subscription fee. In an effort to draw some of its customers to VUDU, Walmart started selling a digital movie card for Battle: Los Angeles in its stores. For $14.96, customers can purchase the card and redeem it online through VUDU.

The digital copy of Battle: Los Angeles is in standard definition. By comparison, Walmart sells the DVD version of Battle: Los Angeles on its website for $16.96. The Blu-ray is just a dollar extra.

VUDU can be accessed on a computer, PlayStation 3, certain HDTVs or certain Blu-ray players. Movies purchased from VUDU can be watched from anywhere you can access the service.

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