Yahoo launches App Search for PC, AppSpot app for Android and iPhone

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Yahoo App Search

As if the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace plus some other independent online app discovery sites and mobile app search apps are not enough, Yahoo has decided to come up with its own mobile app discovery service. And this services comes by way of a desktop app called App Search and mobile phone apps for Android and the iPhone called AppSpot. So, what do these apps discovery tools have to offer that we don’t usually get from the App Store and Android Marketplace. Honestly, their functions are pretty much the same. Yahoo believes otherwise and claims that App Search and AppSpot could be a better mobile app search engine. Both let you zero in on any app by showing matching app titles with full details including description, price, user ratings and screenshots. Using Yahoo’s search technology, both services promise to give you a faster and more fruitful way of searching for Android and iPhone apps.

Looking at these two Yahoo services separately, the desktop App Search tool seems to be better than its mobile phone counterpart. App Search is very well organized and conceptualized. The overall layout looks more like the Android Marketplace website rather than the iTunes App Store online site. There’s a nice carousel on top of the page with randomly selected apps being displayed. Featured apps are categorized into free, paid and top apps. If you own both the iPhone and an Android phone, you can easily switch tabs to find the apps that you would want to download. The individual app page is also nicely done. In fact even better than the overall design of the App Store and Android Marketplace. When downloading the app, you’ll be given three options – scan the QR code for Android apps, link to the iTunes App Store for iPhone apps and link to send the app’s download link to your mobile phone. As for AppSpot for Android and iPhone, the Android version looks better than the iPhone but both are nonetheless pretty good apps which are pretty useful in getting apps fast.

Yahoo App Spot for iPhone

Overall, it seems that Yahoo has done its homework pretty well. App Search and AppSpot seem to have the best of both the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace, whether on the web or on mobile platform. But the question now is – do we really need another mobile app discovery service? And why did Yahoo decided to go through this path? Any ideas, folks?

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