Google’s Me on the Web makes it easier to monitor your identity online

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Google Me on the Web

Google has long had Google Dashboard, a way to keep track of everything Google knows about you. Now there’s a new in Google Dashboard that will make it easier to see what the web knows about you. The new feature is called Me on the Web.

Me on the Web has a simple goal: to alert you as to how others see you when the Google search your name. It’ll show you the links that come off your Google Profile, which you should probably already know, and it has a few links to maintaining your identity online. It will help you set up Google alerts for your name, which is usually a good idea if you’re doing a lot on the web but can be frustrating if you have a particularly common name. There’s also a few links to help you remove unwanted information from getting into search (used for very personal information that leaked somehow) and how to manage your reputation online.

The feature should be mostly common knowledge for some, but it is great for those just starting to build a reputation online, or who aren’t the most web-savvy. There’s still no real way to control everything that’s said about you on the web, but at least it’ll help you keep of all of it.

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