Evernote has finally come to Windows Phone 7

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Evernote on Windows Phone 7

Well it’s taken a while, but Windows Phone 7 users finally have access to Evernote on their mobile platform of choice. The first app for the popular service is now available though the App Marketplace on any Windows Phone 7 device.

With the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 app you’ll get essentially the same features as everyone yet, but you’ll get it in the stylish Metro UI layout. Instead of porting of it’s other apps, Evernote decided to build the Windows Phone 7 app from the ground app, and it looks very nice in the Metro UI. As with every other Evernote app, in this app you’ll get to create notes and and organize them into notebooks. You’ll also be able to geotag your notes so you can keep track of where you took that photo or took that quick note. You can then share your notes and notebooks via email or post them to Facebook so your friends can see them as well. Premium users will also get the chance to download full notebooks for offline access in case you’re in the middle of nowhere outside of the cell network and WiFi.

So the features are essentially the same as the apps on other platforms, but this time you have the Metro UI. It probably won’t make many switch to the platform, but it’s great news for those already using Windows Phone 7.

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