Verizon confirms three new BlackBerry devices this year

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After Thursday’s earnings call we all know that RIM isn’t doing too well, but there are still some devices coming from the company. There’s the touchscreen BlackBerry Bold, and updates to the Curve and Torch lines coming sometime this year. In a recent interview with BGR, Verizon Wireless CMO Marni Walden has said that the carrier plans on carrying three new devices from RIM this year.

What exactly those devices will be, we have no idea. We can assume that one is the BlackBerry Bold 9930 that’s been talked about quite recently and is now supposed to be released sometime in September. The others could potentially be the next generation fo the Curve and Torch that were mentioned earlier. From what’s been said about each device, none are particularly mind-blowing to those who don’t use BlackBerry devices already. Those that do use BlackBerry devices and like them should be fairly excited about the prospects for each, though.

Of course, “devices” could also mean that Verizon will carry the BlackBerry PlayBook when the 3G/4G models launch later this year. It seems unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Via [BGR] and [CrackBerry]

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