Sonos: Did your father’s music influence your musical tastes? [Infographic]

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Sonos Did your fathers music influence your musical tastes Infographic

With father’s day quickly coming up quickly, Sonos has offered up a nice infographic showing how your musical taste came from your fathers musical taste. According to Sonos;

There’s no end to the reasons why you listen to the music you do today, but we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you were subjected to your father’s music at some point in the past (or present). So that leads to the question: what do dear old dad’s listening habits say about the artists in your repertoire? In honor of Father’s Day, we tried our hand at finding out.

With that, hit the link below to check out the full infographic over on the Sonos Blog, and while your are there, give their systems a look over. And for those who missed it, we recently had the opportunity to play with a Sonos system in our office and we have to say — it rocks.

Via [Sonos Blog]

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