Netflix goes down, hackers, lawsuit to blame?

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Last night, while scores of Fathers Day families were snuggled around the TV to stream a movie from the popular Netflix movie service were met with disappointment: Netflix is unavailable. The service seemed to be unreachable via the web, Roku box, Apple TV, iPad (and other iOS devices) and game consoles. The disruption appears to have affected the US and Canada.

So far, Netflix has not issued a statement. Their blog has not been updated nor has their main twitter account. @netflixhelps reported the issue but says the service is still having difficulties activating devices to allow Netflix viewing or account maintenance.

Reasons for the disruption have not been announced. Speculation ranged from hackers (as Sony has had to deal with as of late) to an intentional drop of service so captions could be added to movies to ward off a pending lawsuit brought by a man (looking to make it a class action) who believes the service is discriminating against blind and deaf people by requiring them to purchase a higher priced offering.

While the outage lasted, some users found to be available. With Apple TV, I found the Netflix suggestions to be the only movies I could access (Killers with Ashton Kutcher earned it’s horrible reviews).

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