Shrek computer virus grants 30,000 people access to exclusive dating site

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Beautiful People

We’ve reported on the latest website hacks a lot lately. However this story about the dating website involves a computer virus that was designed to undermine the philosophy behind the site. Last month, a virus infected the website and allowed some 30,000 people to become members of the site without going through the mandatory screening process.

The website doesn’t allow just anybody into its ranks. chooses it members according to how attractive they are. If someone is so lucky to be allowed into the flock, they will pay a monthly fee of $25 for the privilege of meeting other attractive people.

The Shrek virus allowed people to skip the attractiveness screening completely, effectively breaking the website’s stance to only let beautiful people in.

“We can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet,” Hodge said.

Greg Hodge, the managing director the website, believes the virus was created by an ex-employee. Hodge realized something was wrong when thousands of new members were approved within six weeks. Following the attack, the website booted 30,000 “ugly” people and covered the monthly fees of 4,500 rejected members. This ordeal has cost the site $112,500.

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