With threats from the upcoming iCloud, Microsoft updates its SkyDrive cloud storage

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In case you’re not aware, before Apple even thought of its iCloud service, Microsoft has been offering a similar service called SkyDrive. Although this is probably one of the most underrated Microsoft service, still there are significant SkyDrive users which accumulated through the years. And if you’re one of these SkyDrive users, you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft is finally giving the said service some much needed update. To begin with, the maximum storage capacity of the SkyDrive in case you’re not aware is up to 25GB.

So to make SkyDrive in tune with the signs of the times, the cloud storage service now full supports video files. This is especially true if you’re using HTML5-compatible browsers such as Firefox 4, Google Chrome, IE9, Opera or Safari. So with those browsers, you can now view videos even without installing a browser plugin. SkyDrive also now works faster than before. So you can browse through your files and folders as if you were doing so on your computer. The service also sports a new, slicker interface and has the auto-adjust feature when browsing photos. You can also now tag, rename, and share pictures as you browse through your photo gallery. For IE9, Microsoft integrated SkyDrive with Windows 7 taskbar which will allow you to pin the SkyDrive site to your taskbar and access it easily.

So there, with these new features, Microsoft is hoping that you’ll get to use your SkyDrive account more. If you haven’t created an account yet, these features might help you decide into doing so.

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